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About Group of companies

About Group of companies



 Iraqi National Group of Companies was established in the year 2000, with a capital of 13.5 billion ID’s as set of the companies with experience in industry, trade, transport and marketing, we work in the field of manufacturing, and the way the product is put on the Iraqi market.



The message  

 Providing foods of high nutritional value and high quality that enrich the lives of consumers every day.



Dedication - We take pride in our work and strive to achieve exceptional results.

Cooperation -we are working with team spirit, deal transparently and we exchange knowledge and skills to ensure that our employees are the best.

Flexibility - we do our business with flexibility, high effectiveness and with confidence, we make bold decisions that enhance the public interest.

Excellence - excel in the completion of our work and provide the best levels of quality.

Uniqueness - We gain uniqueness through our commitment to justice, trust and integrity in all of our relationships.

Innovation - we always strive to develop our business and maximize the creativity of our employees.





            Customer satisfaction is our goal .