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Iraqi National for Food

Iraqi National for Food


Establishment of the company


The company was founded in 2019



Our products


The company owns many brands registered in the trademark register, including (Hendrin) for soft drinks, (Dinar) for healthy water, and (Ra’eege) for pasteurized juices.



Who we are

  An ancient heritage, a prosperous future and a commitment to quality that deserves trust

Our success is driven by a combination of factors, a dedicated team, insightful management, as well as high-level infrastructure that includes advanced factories, as well as our ability to innovate, backed by our long experience in industry, marketing and distribution.


Our services

Offering high quality nutritional products that enrich the lives of consumers every day.


Our point of view:

  We seek to make our products the preferred choice for the consumer through our leadership in the targeted markets and our provision of premium foods and drinks.

Our Contacts


Iraq - Bagdad

new Dyala bridge-behind the general automotive company


  • +9647729292211
  • +9647801335333