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Anwar Alhadara Co.

Anwar Alhadara Co.

 The company was established with the number c rec -02- 939 on 5th of August 2006 with a capital of one billion and two million.



The company has contracts with the Ministry of Trade - the General Company for Foodstuffs and the General Company for Cereal Processing in the fields of internal and external transport, and it also has contracts with the General Company for Cereal Manufacturing, and in the transportation of flour in some governorates of Iraq, and it has contracts with the Ministry of Agriculture to transfer fertilizer material from outside Iraq To Baghdad.

who are we

We are one of the pioneering companies in its work, as we own a fleet of transport trucks, and we are qualified to be one of the companies contracting with the General Land Transport Company to transport the ration card items.


Our services

The company has offices and headquarters in all border outlets, which facilitates its delivery of all products into Iraqi territory.

Our Contacts


Iraq - Baghdad

3rd level,al Kaabi building – Palestine St.